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The Legends . Steve McQueen & The Jazz Legends
Steve McQueen, Mulholland Drive, LA, 1962 © William Claxton

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The Legends . Steve McQueen & The Jazz Legends

Exhibition: – 28 Aug 2004

Young Gallery

1485 Chaussée de Waterloo
1180 Brussels

La Photographie Galerie

1050 Brussels


The Legends . Steve McQueen & The Jazz Legends
Steve McQueen, MGM Publicity Shoot No 1, LA, 1964 © William Claxton

Steve McQueen William Claxton presents a remarkable selection of Steve McQueen photographs capturing the young controversial American actor in the beginning of his movie career during the 1960s. Claxton's photographs confirm that McQueen's all-American, off-beat good looks were every bit as stunning as his acting and his often stormy off-screen personality. McQueen continues to be an icon for the youth of yesterday and today. Often labelled as a maverick, a rebel, a tough guy, a loner, and a daredevil, McQueen was, above all else, an American original. William Claxton, who worked and played with his pal for over a six-year period of time, has captured on film not only McQueen's talent and diligence, but also his tender, sensitive side and his puckish humour. The actor rarely revealed his most appealing characteristics publicly, but did so in the presence of his close friend. Claxton's memories and anecdotes create a very personal and new vision of Steve McQueen. We can see him with his motorcycle buddies, in his fast cars, with his leading ladies and fellow actors, including scenes from several of his early and best films. Over 24 black-and-white and colour photographs appear in this exhibition commemorating one of the most compelling actors of the twentieth century. This exhibition is a photographic close-up of a great movie star, and a touching memory of a personal friendship. The Jazz Legends Claxton's photos are classics. Anyone who's a fan of jazz will have come across his work. Whether it's a studio portrait or a live shot, the photos themselves are music. Every shot reveals the photographer's enormous sensitivity towards the rhythms and sounds all around him. Claxton has captured the very soul of the greats - the furious concentration of Miles Davis and the warm vitality of Louis Amstrong. William Claxton has been photography since the 50s. He was driven not just to snap the artists but to get close to the atmosphere itself. The stunning intensity of his work captures the feeling of an entire era - from the streets of New Orleans to the legendary jazz clubs of New York City. His shots have become icons of their time - and not just for jazz fans. William Claxton Born in Pasadena, California, William Claxton began his career as a hobby. His photographs have appeared in magazines all over the world, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Time, Life, Paris Match and Vanity Fair and on countless album covers. He has had numerous one-man shows around the world and has published several books, including "Steve McQueen", "Claxography" (The Art of Jazz Photography), "Jazz Seen" and "Photographic Memory". Claxton resides with his wife Peggy in Los Angeles. Opening June 3th 2004 In the presence of Mister William Claxton

The Legends . Steve McQueen & The Jazz Legends
Helima & Chet Baker, Redondo Beach, 1958 © William Claxton
The Legends . Steve McQueen & The Jazz Legends
Miles Davis, Los Angeles, 1955 © William Claxton