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APPROCHE  Paris 2018
Confine 64
Silver print.
© Vittoria Gerardi
Courtesy Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

Vittoria Gerardi »

APPROCHE Paris 2018

La ligne imaginaire

Fair: – 11 Nov 2018

Thu 8 Nov

Le Molière

40, rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris

Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

18, rue du Bourg-Tibourg
75004 Paris



Tue-Sat 11-19

APPROCHE  Paris 2018
VI 16
Unique – 18×16×11 cm, 18×15 cm
Plaster, Gelatin Silver Print.
© Vittoria Gerardi
Courtesy Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

Vittoria Gerardi offers us both a visual and mental experience of landscape. In her series, “Confine”, the Italian artist presents her own perception of the American landscape, and more particularly, that of Death Valley, an arid and hot desert. She uses parts of negatives as fragments of landscapes, to construct symbolic boundaries between matter and time, space and light, to better scar the landscape with an imaginary horizon. Using alternative analog techniques, the artist highlights the violent and extreme elements of the landscape. The synergy between chemicals and the sensitivity of silver paper on the one hand, and the fine line between the factor of chance and taking over in the dark room on the other, results in unique and non-reproducible prints, with very specific tonal qualities. Several pieces from her latest project on Pompeii will be previewed at a ppr oc he. Vittoria looks at the experience of time within the ancient city limits, where past and present rub shoulders. The unreality of this interaction is highlighted through the use of the photography medium and plaster sculpture.

Vittoria Gerardi started exploring photography at the age of 16. She decided to go to New York to study at the International Center of Photography. She studied both traditional and alternative techniques there. In 2016, she moved to London, producing her first series entitled “Confine”.
In 2017, Thierry Bigaignon curated her first solo show in Paris.