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The New York Times: HardTruths
© Tomas Munita - Cockfight in the countryside near Vinales, Cuba.

The New York Times: HardTruths

Daniel Berehulak » Meridith Kohut » Mauricio Lima » Tomás Munita » Sergey Ponomarev » Ivor Prickett » Newsha Tavakolian » & others

Exhibition: – 11 Nov 2018

Paris Photo - Grand Palais

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris

Paris Photo

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris



The New York Times’s photo exhibition, ‘Hard Truths,’ showcases deeply personal and revealing images, each capturing social and political upheaval from across the world, including Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, the Philippines, Cuba and Iran. The collection reveals the commanding insight of five of the Times’s finest photojournalists, Meridith Kohut, Newsha Tavakolian, Daniel Berehulak, Tomas Munita and Ivor Prickett, who, in many cases, have risked their lives to bring back vivid eyewitness accounts from the world’s front lines.

The exhibit was organized by David Furst, The Times’s award winning international picture editor, and Arthur Ollman of the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography as a way to recognize the news organization’s embrace of photography — which has resulted in Pulitzer Prizes four years running — and to engage audiences in a different setting, the cool quiet of the gallery.

This exhibition is presented in The New York Times space, J13.