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Photo VOGUE Festival 2018

Photo VOGUE Festival 2018

Valentine Bo » Juno Calypso » Tim Carpenter » Micaiah Carter » Kennedi Carter » Bruce Davidson » Brice Dellsperger » Julia Falkner » David Favrod » Julia Fullerton-Batten » Mario Giacomelli » Shuwei Liu » Daniel Jack Lyons » Rania Matar » Sarah Moon » Olya Oleinic » Laura Pannack » Mathieu Pernot » Patricio Reig » Katia Repina » Maya Rochat » Alexia Sinclair » Sølve Sundsbø » Justine Tjallinks » David Uzochukwu » Maxim Vakhovskiy » Clara Vannucci  » Snezhana von Büdingen » Kyle Weeks » & others

Festival: 15 Nov – 18 Nov 2018



+39 02 -85612721


Photo VOGUE Festival 2018
© Micaiah Carter

Between 15 and 18 of November 2018, the Italian city will host the third edition of the festival which, in its first two years, has established itself nationally and internationally as a key event for the promotion of photography culture and as a platform for discussion of critical topics, such as the power of the female gaze in the arts (The Female Gaze, 2016) and the political significance of fashion imagery (Fashion and Politics, 2017).

This year will focus on continuing the conversation about the role played by photography, and especially fashion photography, in representing and analysing our contemporary society: a study that is very much part of the DNA of Vogue Italia since it was established. Thanks to the visionary photographers it employed, the publication has succeeded in becoming a masterful mirroring tool of our times, the discerning interpreter of the society it portrays, documenting the changes, capturing the trends and anticipating desires and direction. Through its sophisticated, innovative, witty and, at times, controversial fashion shoots, Vogue Italia has distinguished itself as a publication capable of leaving an indelible mark in the visual memory of its readers, transcending the brief time of fashion itself. Today, the magazine continues its mission, using photography as an investigative tool of society and its cultural models on a global level, echoing the zeitgeist whilst raising questions and conveying innovative ideas through the fashion lens.

Photo VOGUE Festival 2018
I Bianchi © Clara Vannucci
Photo VOGUE Festival 2018
From the series Mahotas Mental Health
© Daniel Jack Lyons
Photo VOGUE Festival 2018
From the series Friendship, and the pink triangle © Shuwei Liu