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Unseen Photo  - City Programme

Unseen Photo - City Programme

Albarrán Cabrera » Korakrit Arunanondchai » Koos Breukel » Sanne De Wilde » Günther Förg » Ryoji Ikeda » Annaleen Louwes » Roman Moriceau » Jamal Nxedlana » Kevin Osepa » Paul Mpagi Sepuya » & others

Festival: – 23 Sep 2018

Thu 20 Sep

Unseen Photo

Bleiswijkstraat 8,
1051 DG Amsterdam


Unseen Photo  - City Programme
Antillean Tutu, 2018 © Kevin Osepa

In addition to all activities at the Westergasfabriek, Unseen Amsterdam presents the City Programme in which visitors can experience photography at leading institutions across the city. The programme will include a series of inspiring and challenging exhibitions and initiatives that push the boundaries of photography in unexpected ways.


Foam Fotografie Museum
LOADING... WORKS FROM THE FOAM COLLECTION: Focusing on the future, Foam’s outspoken collection of roughly 550 pieces contains work that highlights the complexity of contemporary photography.
PAUL MPAGI SEPUYA – DOUBLE ENCLOSURE: In his first European solo exhibition, Paul Mpagi Sepuya (US) references a homo-erotic visual culture, exploring the productive and critical power of longing with an intimate visual strategy.

Allard Pierson Museum
THE WORLD IN COLOUR: COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BEFORE 1918: The historical, colourful and often poignant pictures of Albert Kahn’s (FR) project Les Archives de la Planète. Striving for world peace, Kahn hired photographers to capture the world in colour at the start of the 20th century – a stark contrast to the horrors of the World War that soon broke out.

EYE Filmmuseum
RYOJI IKEDA: A key figure in electronic music as well as a visual artist, Ryoji Ikeda’s (JP) work often depicts the invisible structures and data that govern our lives. In his site-specific exhibition, the exhibition space will be filled with overwhelming audiovisual works of art based on elementary phenomena such as silence, space, time and the (in)finite.

STUDIES BY ROMAN MORICEAU: Exclusively for Unseen Amsterdam, French artist Roman Moriceau presents his latest works. His research and experimentation with unexpected silk-screen techniques creates work that becomes hybrid, dynamic and transformable over time.
Artist Talk at 20.30 on 22nd September 2018.

Looiersgracht 60
SEEING WITHOUT SEERSEEING WITHOUT SEER: A group show, organised in collaboration with art cooperative Radical Reversibility, exploring alternative ways of looking, thinking and image-making. Twelve exhibiting artists employ lens-based works in unexpected ways, usurping the viewer from the central position to which s/he has become accustomed.

The Merchant House
Young French Artists Remix (Photography): Fully conscious that our image-making gaze is a product of social powers and unconscious desires, the six participants masterfully redeploy photographic indexing and iconographic currency to offer an idiosyncratic take on real experience.

Nieuw Dakota Taak
EEN NEGATIEVE RUIMTE (A NEGATIVE SPACE): Through a myriad of visual practices and investigations focused on prison walls, Lucas Lenglet (NL) examines the concepts of inclusion and exclusion as he aims to get a better understanding of places that are essentially inaccessible.

Stedelijk Museum
GÜNTHER FÖRG–A FRAGILE BEAUTY: This major survey of German artist Günther Förg’s (1952– 2013) work embodies the oeuvre of a rebellious artist who was critical, witty and penetrating exploration of the canon of modern art.

Huis Marseille
KOOS BREUKEL / SON Acclaimed Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel has been photographing his eldest son, Casper, since he was born in 2000. The resulting series of intimate portraits, spanning over the last 18 years, not only depicts Casper in various phases of his life but also reflects on the bond between father and son.

Museum van Loon
JULIEN SPIEWAK: CORPS DE STYLE: Julien Spiewak (FR) presents a new series of humorous, subjective and stylised images in dialogue with the art, furniture, space and history of Museum Van Loon.

No Man's Art Gallery
JAMAL NXEDLANA: Visual artist Jamal Nxedlana (ZA) shines a light on the figures that are currently shaping South Africa’s cultural scene.

Park Hotel
SOLO EXHIBITION ALBARRÁN CABRERA: Borrowing from ancient mythology to create visual metaphors in their images, artistic duo Angel Albarrán (SP) and Anna Cabrera (SP) use imagery to stir up individual memories among viewers.

Unseen Photo  - City Programme
Boikanyo Nkoane, 2017 © Jamal Nxedlana

Cargo in Context
With her new project FERNWEH, Dutch photographer Annaleen Louwes explores the human condition by mixing up both old and new work, photography and moving images. With this mixture she tries to create an atmosphere of mortality, ambiguity and temporality. By doing this Louwes tends to discover an unexpected relationship between the old and the new. Admission is free for Unseen wristband holders.

Corridor Project Space
This workshop and exhibition Politics of Boredom attempts to approach boredom as a travelling concept across different fields and contexts. Aiming for an interdisciplinary analysis within media, feminist and literary studies as well as affect and political theory, the event explores the different environments that boredom is situated in. Admission is free for Unseen wristband holders.

De Brakke Grond
The countercultures of the 1960s and ‘70s are at the heart of Jim Campers’ (BE) first solo exhibition, Forward Escape Into The Past in Amsterdam. Referring to the anarchist social criticism of Theodore Kaczyncki (also known as “the Unabomber”) and several theories about the history of psychedelics, the exhibition reveals how the radical ideas of the past have remained relevant in the 21st century. Admission is free for Unseen wristband holders.

Framer Framed
Borrowing its title from áp vong, the Vietnamese ritual of invoking the dead, UnAuthorised Medium evokes the 'ghosts' and 'glitches' in the archive. Through a range of artistic practices, thirteen emerging and internationally established artists who have deep connections to Southeast Asia disrupt dominant systems of knowledge to engage with the historical and much-contested paradigms of this Asian subregion. Admission is free for Unseen wristband holders.

ISO Amsterdam
Inspired by the tapestries of Dutch artist Elma Beks (1926-2014), textile-based designers Karen Huang (TW) and Jason Page (US) present A Really Fake Future, envisioning a future where traditional textile handicrafts are replaced by automated production and digital representation as a result of artificial intelligence. Admission is free for Unseen wristband holders.

Melkweg Expo
In My Feeder is a Photographer, several invited photographers share their favourite recipes, illustrating the colourful stories that accompany them. From food that cures your hangover to cocktails that get that party started - grab your favourite image and cook your dishes in the comfort of your own home! Admission is free for wristband holders.

Oude Kerk
Anastasis is the latest immersive site-specific intervention by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (IT). By placing red film and plexiglass in front of the towering windows of the Oude Kerk, Calò radically alters the lighting within in the church — creating conditions similar to a photographic darkroom. Don’t miss the glass window unveiling at sunset on the 21st and 23rd of September! Visitors get a 25% discount with an Unseen wristband.

Unseen Photo  - City Programme
Film still of Painting with history in a room filled with people with funny names 3, 2015 © Korakrit Arunanondchai / CLEARING