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Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform

Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform

Lenscloud is the online source to collect, learn, explore and engage with fine art photography.

Richard Caldicott » Peter Dazeley » Laura El-Tantawy » Arthur Elgort » Tom Fels » Frank Horvat » Jim Lee » Chris Simpson » Maciej Urbanek » Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre »

Launch: – 31 Dec 2018


86-90 Paul St
EC2A 4NE London


Mon-Fri 9:30-18

Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform
Maciej Urbanek - Papyrus 2018

Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform

'Home is where the art is'. And that's what Lenscloud wants to help fine-art photography enthusiasts build: a timeless, ever-growing, personal collection fuelled by a user's own rapidly expanding awareness into the practices for smart and savvy art investing as well as a refinement of their own tastes and profile as a collector.

Enter: Lenscloud, a new digital home for art, where emerging and established artists come together with budding culture-lovers, burgeoning collectors and would-be investors in fine-art photography.

Don't just marvel at stunning photographic moments from afar and don't only be content to covet them. Instead, make them your own. Collect them.

This is what Lenscloud's seamless functionality, powered by a trifecta of 'learning, collecting and investing' goals say. The platform realises these goals through its gallery feature, info-based sections on 'How to collect', 'Essays & Theories', and 'Fine-Art Photography Trends in the Market' and facilitating art purchases through e-commerce.

Like Sartre encouraging readers to approach a text with their own knowledge, so too does Lenscloud call for photography-collectors to engage with the evocative art that moves them.

Crafting experiences around art in the real world happens best when there's a community immersed in a curatorial gallery space. Since the team behind Lenscloud periodically curate exhibitions in unexpected and unconventional art spaces, who better to translate this into a digital experience?

Lenscloud's platform integrates a unique visual experience for users, blending an online gallery with powerful one-click purchase options. This allows fine-art enthusiasts to view and create collections, build knowledge and expertise in the fine art photography scene and purchase directly on the platform.

Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform
Arthur Elgort - Kate Moss, Los Angeles, CA, Vogue, 1995

Imagine an end-to-end viewing and purchasing experience, almost as though one had front-row seats to an artist's private studio. That is the power and beauty of Lenscloud's digital platform. The service makes entry into fine-art photography-collecting a highly democratic and accessible process.

As a self-styled 'source' for art discovery and investing, Lenscloud works directly with artists, archives and foundations, which gives users the assurance that pieces they purchase have a guarantee of authenticity.

Come this autumn, Lenscloud plans to expand its services and sections, showcasing what keeping a proverbial finger on the very pulse of the global cultural and artistic scene can truly allow for investors and collectors. For now, in a world of digital reproduction and unverified opinions, this bid to authenticity is at the 'heart' of art. Says the brains behind Lenscloud, founder Laurent Cottier, a personal collection − from the choice of pieces to the very placement of them − is as unique to the collector as a thumbprint, expressing their own eye for design, movement, spatial flow and, most of all, meaning.

For art to make meaning and impact a physical space in the digital age, Cottier is re-imagining the structure of online galleries and the function of e-commerce. Lenscloud offers users a one-stop hub for art. Interested collectors can easily sign-up and create an account to begin browsing and engaging with Lenscloud's active community of like-minded investors, collectors and, above all, lovers of art.

Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform
John Kobal Foundation
'Louise Brooks', By Eugene Robert Richee
Paramount Pictures, 1929
Lenscloud Fine Art Photography Platform
Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre, Paramount Theater, Newark, NJ, 2011