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IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Catherine Nelson, from the series 'Unstill Life'

IN VIVO | the nature of nature

The 25th Noorderlicht International Photography Festival

Terje Abusdal » Catherine Balet » Lionel Bayol-Themines » Sergio Belinchón » Aletheia Casey » Jon Cazenave » Alejandro Chaskielberg » Juan Fabuel » Dana Fritz » Eddo Hartmann » Michael Lange » Claire Laude » Karine Laval » Olivia Lavergne » Lisa McCarty » Francesco Merlini » Catherine Nelson » Daan Paans » Benedikt Partenheimer » Louis Porter » Diana Scherer » Claudius Schulze » Tara Sellios » Christine Simpson » David Stephenson » Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris » Marvin Tang » Terri Weifenbach » Yelena Zhavoronka » Thomas Zika »

Exhibition: – 23 Sep 2018

Sat 23 Jun 16:00

Museum Belvédère

Oranje Nassaulaan 12
8448 MT Heerenveen-Oranjewoud

0513-644 999


Tue-Sun 11-17

IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Terje Abusdal - #10 from the series 'Slash & Burn

The 25th Noorderlicht International Photography Festival takes place from 23rd June until 23rd September in Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen and examines our ambiguous relationship with nature. IN VIVO takes its inspiration from a rich tradition of a love for nature and shows images of a confrontational beauty, which upon closer examination expose the extent to which our experience of nature is directed by economic, social and cultural shifts.

Thirty photographers from eleven different countries show us their view on the experience of nature, an essential part of our identity. Research has shown that nature has a positive influence on our health, lowers stress and stimulates creativity. Nature is therefore a significant contributing factor to our well-being, however cultivated it is. IN VIVO challenges the viewer to look in a different, layered way at the living experiment we call nature.

IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Alejandro Chaskielberg - 'Dreaming' from the series 'Laberinto'

Opening on Saturday 23 June - guest speaker Caspar Janssen
On Saturday 23rd June at 16:00, the festival will be opened by Kees van der Meiden, director of Noorderlicht and Han Steenbruggen, director of Museum Belvédère. Accompanied by guest speaker Caspar Janssen, known for his Volkskrant column 'Caspar Loopt'.

Terje Abusdal (NO) | Catherine Balet (F) | Lionel Bayol-Thémines (F) | Sergio Belinchón (ES) | Aletheia Casey (AUS) | Jon Cazenave (ES) | Alejandro Chaskielberg (ARG) | Juan Fabuel (ES) | Dana Fritz (USA) | Eddo Hartmann (NL) | Michael Lange (D) | Claire Laude (F) | Karine Laval (F) | Olivia Lavergne (F) | Lisa McCarty (USA) | Francesco Merlini (I) | Catherine Nelson (AUS) | Daan Paans (NL) | Benedikt Partenheimer (D) | Louis Porter (UK) | Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris (USA) | Diana Scherer (D) | Claudius Schulze (D) | Tara Sellios (USA) | Christine Simpson (UK) | David Stephenson (USA) | Marvin Tang (SG) | Terri Weifenbach (USA) | Yelena Zharonkova (USA) | Thomas Zika (D)

IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Karine Laval - #45 uit de serie 'Heterotopia'.jpg
IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Daan Paans - Le Monde Avant La Création de L'Homme #II' from the series 'Rhinoceros'
IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Benedikt Partenheimer - 'Drunken Forest 02', from the series 'Memories of the Future'
IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Christine Simpson - A Question of Balance, from the series 'Everything's
IN VIVO | the nature of nature
Claudius Schulze - 'Emosson 2', from the series 'State of Nature'
IN VIVO | the nature of nature
David Stephenson - Videostill 'Nature Lovers, Yosemite 2 California 2018'