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s.m.a.r.t Paths Towards Sustainability
James Mollison. Serie Playground. Freetown Community Primary School, Mombasa, Kenia, 2011 © James Mollison

s.m.a.r.t Paths Towards Sustainability

PhotoEspaña 2018

Boomoon » Nick Cobbing » Thierry Cohen » Rodney Graham » Naoya Hatakeyama » Sze Tsung Nicolás LEONG » James Mollison » Maria Primo »

Exhibition: 7 Jun – 26 Aug 2018

Real Jardín Botánico

Plaza de Murillo, 2
28014 Madrid

+34 91-4203017


Daily 10-20:30

Without sustainability there is no progress, nor will there be a future. Man faces the inevitable and obligatory need to mitigate the damaging effects of human activity on the planet.

On the basis of this premise, the present exhibition brings together works by eight international photographers whose series help us reflect upon the human impact on our environment. Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong, James Mollison, Boomoon, Naoya Hatakeyama, Thierry Cohen, María Primo, Nick Cobbing, and Rodney Graham have looked out across different landscapes to explore our presence within a complex and unstable natural order. The title s.m.a.r.t. alludes to the terms of Sustainability, Mitigation, Adaptation, Resilience, and Transformation, as the only possible paths towards the transformation of the planet into a secure and balanced place.

This exhibition, organised by ACCIONA for the 20th anniversary of PHotoESPAÑA, was created with the intention of promoting social interest in sustainability among the public and media by means of artistic reflection.

For further information: caminossostenibilidad.com