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WALL POWER: Contemporary Australian Photography

Tony Albert » Brook Andrew » Narelle Autio » Destiny Deacon  » Marian Drew » Shaun Gladwell » Bill Henson  » Rosemary Laing » Tracey Moffatt » Fabian Muir » Catherine Nelson » Deborah Paauwe » Trent Parke » Michael Riley » Christian Thompson » & others

Exhibition: – 21 May 2018

Australia House

Strand - via Melbourne Place
WC2B 4LA London



Thu 12-16, Fri+Sat 11-19, Sun 12-17, Mon 11-17

WALL POWER: Contemporary Australian Photography features the work of twenty-two leading Australian photographers, each exploring the myths and legends surrounding Australia’s unique light, landscape and history. The exhibition includes multiple seminal works by Australia’s best-known contemporary photographers including Tracey Moffatt, Bill Henson and Christian Thompson. The exhibition covers a broad spectrum of practical and conceptual approaches to photography, all casting light on the Australian national identity, rich in complexities and conflicts. At the core of WALL POWER lies the photographic image and the immediacy and power of the medium.

“The works in WALL POWER reflect the diversity of practice in the last two decades or so by Australian artists born between 1955 and 1984 whose careers began from the mid-1970s to the early 2000s. Stylistically, the images reflect the centrality of postmodern approaches in photomedia in the contemporary art scene in Australia since the late 1980s. Even when most provocative, they still seem ‘Australian’ to me in their offbeat subtlety and their wry puns and references.” – Gael Newton, formerly the Senior Curator of Australian and International Photography at the National Gallery of Australia.