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lonely planet

Rineke Dijkstra » Kou Inose » Rinko Kawauchi » Oliver Payne & Nick Relph » Bill Viola » & others

Exhibition: – 6 Jun 2004

Art Tower Mito (ATM)

1-6-8 Goken-cho, Ibaraki-ken Mito-shi
310-0063 Mito

Art Tower Mito (ATM) Contemporary Art Center

1-6-8 Goken-cho, Ibaraki-ken
310-0063 Mito

+81 (0)29-227-8111


Tue-Sun 9:30-18

"We're running out of love, running of hate, running out of space for the human race, planet Earth is slowing down... If you can't change the world, change yourself." Such go the poetic lyrics from The The's song, "Lonely Planet," found on their 1992 album, "Dusk." Sung by the vocalist Matt Johnson, those words suggest a problem that we all need to ask ourselves: namely, how do we perceive our relationship with the world, as we go on with our lives? In contemporary society, with its onslaught of information that serves to deaden our sensation of true reality, our hearts and minds seem to continually wander amidst reverie and illusion. As a result, we sometimes feel that it's too complicated and difficult to correctly perceive the world that we live in. The role of contemporary art in such circumstances is to shed light on the reality in a way that words, logic, and science cannot. The upcoming exhibition at Art Tower Mito (ATM), from April 10 to June 6, brings together several artworks, produced by 14 artists around the world, which heighten our consciousness towards basic human desires and feelings, life and death, and the self and the world, thereby arousing the inherent power of our feelings, cognizance, intuition, and thinking. The images, photographs, paintings and installations presented at the "lonely planet" exhibition illustrate various aspects of the real world and human beings swirling and wreathing around on our lonely planet, floating through the vastness of space. Through the presentation of various points of view of the featured artists, the exhibition challenges us to revisit and revise our outlook of the world in which we all live.