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Me, Me, Me! - Part II

Self-Portraits by CourtYard Gallery Artists

XING Danwen » CAO Fei » WANG Gongxin » CANG Xin » & others

Exhibition: 22 Feb – 15 Apr 2004

CourtYard Gallery

95 Donghuanmen Ave
100006 Beijing



Twenty-two artists from China will exhibit new works of "self-portraiture." We aim to stretch the limits of self-portrait to include a rich variety of modern interpretations of the self. Ranging from tangible records of the artists' lives to visual explorations of identity, we hope to provide a framework to indulge in socially acceptable self-consciousness and artistic exchange. Is self-portraiture relevant in a post-modern age? Or are these acts of futility? Is this just another opportunity for artists to indulge the Freudian id? Or is this a chance for artists to re-assess themselves? Whether self-portraiture gets closer to revealing the True Self is debatable. At minimum, we hope "Me! Me! Me!" gives gallery goers an opportunity to see artists concentrating on the act of observing themselves. Participating Artists: Cang Xin Cao Fei Feng Mengbo Hai Bo Hong Hao Li Jin Liu Zheng Lin Tianmiao Liu Wei Liu Ye Ma Liuming Qiu Zhijie Wang Gongxin Weng Peijun (Weng Fen) Xing Danwen Yu Hong Yue Minjun Yang Qian Zeng Fanzhi Zhang Dali Zhan Wang Zhu Ming