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"7x7" photographers from Boulgaria

Aspects of Balkan Photography - New Balkan Images - Thessaloniki 2004

Borislav Borozanov » Nelly Gavrilova » Milan Hristev » Georgi Illiev » Chavdar Naydenov » Sonya Stankova » Dragomir Uschev »

Exhibition: 20 Mar – 19 Apr 2004

Institut Français

Leoforos Stratou 2A - B.P.18103
54007 Thessaloníki



The myth behind each artist's work that can be detected through observation, certainly has a lot of different aspects. These aspects that emanate from a common place of origin, this of the Balkans are to be highlighted once more by the Photographic Center of Thessaloniki. Starting from April 2001, after three years of successful events , this fourth meeting of Balkan photographers returns with a new and exceptionally rich content... More concretely this year's meeting under the title Aspects of Balkan Photography - New Balkan Images - Thessaloniki 2004 includes two big photography exhibitions and a one-day-conference which attempts to determine the appropriate context in which a photography net in Balkans should function. In specific, the Alice/Europe in wonder-peninsula exhibition, that is presented at the French Institute of Thessaloniki, from Saturday, March 20 to Monday, April 19, takes place under the aegis of the European Parliament and it includes the work of seven Bulgarian photographers (Sonya Stankova, Chavdar Nayedov, Georgi Illiev, Dragomir Uschev, Borislav Borozanov, Nelly Gabrilova and Milan Hristev) who all represent the Marigraphia art group. The 15 Balkan photographers exhibition hosts works by artists coming from all the Balkan countries, in collaboration with various centres of contemporary art, museums and diverse Balkan art groups. It is realised at the Vafopoulio Cultural Centre, from Monday, March 22 to Sunday, April 18, with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and under the Aegis of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace. The participant photographers are Bevis Fusha (Albania), Alexander Antic, Alexander Kelic (Serbia-Montenegro), Merih Acogul, Emin Altan (Turkey), Cosmin Buduk (Romania), Anastassia Dimitriadi, Thanassis Raptis, Tassos Schizas, Vassilis Karkatselis, Fotis Palaiologos (Greece), Nelly Gabrilova, Gallina Usheva (Bulgaria), Ljupko Ristovski and Aleksandar Kondev (FYROM). Finally, the one-day-conference entitled Photography net in Balkans, is realised on Sunday, March 21 at 10:00, at the Vafopoulio Cultural Centre. The panel includes art historians, curators, photographers and editors of photography magazines from the Balkan countries. Aim of this one-day-conference is the foundation of the network's solid base of function.