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Paris Photo 2017 - The Platform

Paris Photo 2017 - The Platform

Ismaïl Bahri » Lucas Blalock » Marcelo Brodsky » Roe Ethridge » Harry Gruyaert » Alfredo Jaar » Rut Blees Luxemburg » Susan Meiselas » Joel Meyerowitz » Martin Parr » & others

Fair: – 12 Nov 2017

Wed 8 Nov

Paris Photo

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris



The Paris Photo Platform
The Platform conversations are held in the auditorium in both French and English and are open to all Paris Photo ticket-holders on a first-come, first-seated basis.

Thursday, November 9
12:30–1:15pm: Conversation, Marin Karmitz (film distributor, producer, director) & Emmanuelle Lequeux (journalist)

A Question of Colour—What Colour is Aesthetically, Socially, Technically for Photography: David Campany (writer, curator, artist)
1:45–3pm: Harry Gruyaert
3:30–4:45pm: Round table Rut Blees Luxemburg, Anastasia Samoylova, Lucas Blalock
5:15–6:30pm: Joel Meyerowitz
6:45–7:45pm: Kevin Moore (writer, curator) & Roe Ethridge

Friday, November 10
12:30–1:15pm: Conversation, Helga de Alvear (art collector), Marta Gili (Director, Jeu de Paume) & Mark Roe (Head Curator, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection)

The Photograph Deceives and Shows that it DeceivesMouna Mekouar (curator, art critic)
1:45–2:45pm: Carte Blanche Students 2017, Leon Billerbeck, William Lakin, George Selley, Alexey Shlyk, Vincent Marcilhacy (Director, Picto Foundation).
3-3:45pm: Martin Parr, Marcelo Brodsky
4:15-5:00pm: Alfredo Jaar, Ismail Bahri
5:30-6:15pm: Alexandre Lenoir, Taysir Batniji

Programme by Miho Kajihoka with the collaboration of Laurent Brifo (sound designer).

Saturday, November 11
12:30–1:15pm: Conversation, Mark Roe (Head Curator, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection), Lucia Hierro, Mariah Robertson

From the Documentation of Reality of the Pioneers to the Meta-Reality of the Digital Universe—Cristiano Raimondi (Head of Development & International Projects, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco)
1:45–3pm: The Origins Francesco Zanot (critic & curator), Christine Barthe (Curator, Head of the Photographic collections)
3:30pm–4:45pm: Lars Fredrikson: Fax, Marcella Lista (Chief Curator, MNAM Paris), Gaël Fredrikson (Estate Lars Fredrikson)
5:15–6:30pm: Antimatter and Photography, Linda Fregni Nagler, Michael Doser (Research Physicist, CERN)
6:45–7:45pm: The Fountain Archives, Celia Bernasconi (Head Curator, Nouveau Musée National, Monaco) , Saâdane Afif

Sunday, November 12
Towards a New Approach to the Document—Christoph Wiesner (Artistic Director, Paris Photo)
1:45–3pm: Susan Meiselas, Mark Holborn

3:30–4:30pm: Conversation, Jean-Pierre Bibring (Astrophysicist, IAS)