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The tears of things
THOMAS DEMAND, Ghost, 2003. © Thomas Demand / Vegap, Cáceres 2017

The tears of things


Ignasi Aballí » Francis Alÿs » Helena Almeida » Bernd & Hilla Becher » Anna & Bernhard Blume » Martin Boyce » James Casebere » Hannah Collins » Thomas Demand » Stan Douglas » Fischli & Weiss » Joan Fontcuberta » Paul Graham » Rodney Graham » Andreas Gursky » Candida Höfer » José Antonio Hernändez-Diez » Gordon Matta-Clark » Ryuji Miyamoto » Jorge Molder » João Penalva » Thomas Ruff » Ed Ruscha » Allan Sekula » Montserrat Soto » Frank Thiel »

Exhibition: – 12 Nov 2017

Paris Photo - Grand Palais

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris

Paris Photo

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris



Looking at works of art in a collection implies surrounding oneself with « Things » that form part of the universe of another person. Walter Benjamin said that one of the most intimate relationships that can be established with objects is that of possession. That is why working with the photographs and videos of the Helga de Alvear Collection is an act of both voyeurism and complicity.

This selection of photographs and videos from the Helga de Alvear Collection is, evidently, a proposal among the many others that could exist. If art is, above all, a way of creating gazes, The Tears of Things proposes seeing the life of the things represented and, perhaps, comparing it with our own.