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Lishui Photography Festival 2017

Lishui Photography Festival 2017

Emile Barret » Giacomo Bianchetti » Luo Bin » Delphine Burtin » Delphine Burtin » Juno Calypso » Phil Chang » Angelica Dass » Corina Gertz » Jin Hua » Lu Jiaojiao » DI Jinjun » Karel Koplimets » Ola Lanko » Ola Lanko » Diana Lelonek » Loan Nguyen » Sarah Palmer » Polixeni Papapetrou » Laurence Rasti » Ulrike Schmitz » Kris Scholz » Marco Scozzaro » P. Seth Thompson » Jennifer Thoreson » & others

Festival: 15 Nov – 19 Nov 2017

Lishui Photography Festival



The 2017 Lishui Photography Festival will be held in Lishui on November 15th to 19th, 2017. With the theme of this year “the Image of the Era of Hypermedia”, there will be various ways of exhibition in 2017, including traditional paper images, dynamic videos, VR situations, and behavior arts, exhibited in 15 exhibition sites. 2017 Lishui Photography Festival will be the most influential in the history, with One Theme, Ten Masters, One Hundred Academic Exhibitions, One Thousand Average Exhibitions, Ten Thousand Photographers and Photography Lovers Participating the 2017 Photography Festival.