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Chongqing International Photography & Video Biennale

Chongqing International Photography & Video Biennale

Rip It Up - Over 230 world-renowned artists and 1000 artworks

Fati Abubakar » Malala Andrialavidrazana » Josué Azor » Matteo Basilé » CAO Fei » Shadi Ghadirian » AO Guoxing » HONG Hao » Ayrson Heraclito » Sasha Huber » Marta Jovanovic » Kimsooja » Carlos Motta » Zanele Muholi » J. D. 'Okhai Ojeikere » Uche Okpa Iroha » ZHANG Peili » JIANG Pengyi » Wang Qingsong » CHEN Shaoxiong » CUI Xiuwen » JIANG Zhi » QIU Zhijie » & others

Festival: 28 Apr – 28 Jul 2017

Changjiang International Photography

Changjiang Art Square, South Binglu road, Southbank


Chongqing International Photography & Video Biennale
Agassiz: The Mixed Traces Series. Somatological Triptych of Sasha Huber IV
Agassiz Range, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand, 2015
Commissioned photograph by Tom Hoyle © Sasha Huber
Pigment on paper, 60 x 40 cm

It has been 2 years since the 1st Session of Changjiang International Photography &Video Biennale achieved success. And the 2nd Session is coming now! This Biennale, sponsored by Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, will be held in April 2017 for 3 months.

In the 2nd Session, we invite Bisi Silva (Nigeria), Cui Cancan and Wang Qingsong in China as curators. These three curators, with varied academic background, from different countries and regions, will bring us a great exhibition. Bisi Silva is the founder and art director of CCA who has devoted to the study and the plan of international contemporary art and feminine art. Moreover, she has been one of the curators for many significant Biennales. Cui Cancan, Chinese independent curator, is active in Chinese contemporary art and the joint area connected art and social movement, who stands out and gets much attention for planning experimental exhibitions and critical projects. Wang Qingsong, the Chinese artist that focus on the field of contemporary photography, has participated in many important international Biennales and also is the founder and curator-in-chief of the 1st Session of Changjiang International Biennale of Video Art and Photography. The 2ed Session of Biennale will continue to put the video art and photography as the main objective, which is just as the 1st session, and use space and halls in a broader way to explore a brand-new format for showcase. All the space and halls in Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art will get artists, of different ages, from varied region all over the world together, whose works will form new relationship for narration and show the impact and value of video art and photography on every systems.

After a year’s discussion, the objective of this Biennale has settled as “Every Skyscraper is Built from the Ground”, which describes the process of art development during the history and emphasizes its base. The objective also metaphorizes that everything develops from nothing, symbolizes that image art are ubiquitous and influenced all trades and professions, and manifests the Biennale‘s ambition to enter into the public full-fledged.

This Biennale includes two parts: one is Theme Exhibition, the other is Special Project. Five Units makes up the Theme Exhibition, namely, “Video Art and Film Art”, “Images and Visual Communication”, “Images and books, classic magazines, network”, “Images and Local time, Self-organization, Experimental space”, “Images and Contemporary Art”. These five units focus on the wonderful relationship between image art and different systems. Image art not only activates the development and boundaries of various social fields, but also constantly changes itself in this process, adding new attributes. The units, the literature and the works, intertwining and complementing each other, form rich and complex cultural clues together.

This Biennale, just as the one in last year, sets Video Art and Photography Award and other relative awards, judged by a jury comprised 5 reviewers and curators. During the 90 days, roundtable meetings and workshops will be held with artists in multi-fields, through cruising , broadcasting and recreation, which emphasizes the objective of “Every Skyscraper is Built from the Ground” that is to bring the exhibition, transmission and application of art to the social front, and strengthen the relationship between Biennale and different regional art practices.

"Rip It Up” happens in west China, which converged as a flood of video art and photography in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Chongqing International Photography & Video Biennale
Unfolding Bottari - Geometry of Possession, 1991 - 2015, Digital Slideshow of 223 Flea-Market Photographs from the artist's on going photo project around the world, 11:37 min loop, silent, Courtesy of Kimsooja Studio