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Aldo Kodak © Eric Ceccarini



Etienne Boisrond » Eric Ceccarini » Marc Lagrange » Eric Lignier » Karsten Staiger » David Yarrow »

Exhibition: – 13 May 2017

La Photographie Galerie

1050 Brussels


©Marc Lagrange – Flidais Function

Collective Exhibition

30 March 2017– 13 May 2017

For its second exhibition of the year, La Photographie Galerie presents the MIXED collective exhibition from 31 March to 13 May, bringing together six artists from completely different spheres. What unites them is their passion for photography. Offering photography fans an unparalleled opportunity to discover established international talent in Belgium, our gallery is proud to present this exhibition to (re)discover major artists.

The Photographie Galerie presents for the first time French photographer Etienne Boisrond, featuring works such as his stunning panoramic black-and-white landscape.

Another first for our gallery is one of the greatest photographers of New York's urban landscape, Karsten Staiger. We are thrilled to be able to bring you his fantastic, vertiginous views of the Big Apple.

We are also pleased to play host to Belgian artist Eric Lignier, whose fascination with architecture brings us poetic, almost abstract images of contemporary architecture.

©Etienne Boisrond – Les Saints

Alongside these new artists, we are delighted to welcome once again the photographic work of Eric Ceccarini, Marc Lagrange and David Yarrow. We are touched anew by the works of these three great photographers every time.

Some may recall Eric Ceccarini’s journey into the world of Body Painting with his "Painters" series. This series depicts the meeting between a painter, a model and a photographer.

The meticulous work of Marc Lagrange, whose career was cut tragically short in 2015, has always been striking in both its elegance and provocative power. With his predilection for sensual nudes in dramatic settings, he captivates viewers and draws them into his universe.

Finally, David Yarrow, the subject of a recent exhibition at the Galerie, returns with his latest works, created on a trip to Japan. A wildlife photographer, he creates a sublime and photogenic vision of the natural world.

Through this multiplicity of subjects, points of view, techniques and styles, each artist finds the tools they need to deconstruct, reconstruct or enrich their world.

©Karsten Staiger – New York City
©Eric Lignier – Poetic Buildings #1004
©Eric Ceccarini – Jacqueline Bozon 01
©David Yarrow - Bagheera