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Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Kiên Hoàng Lê (VN/GER) Bà Nôi Thiêu Thi Sâm

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017

Anne Bæk & Morten Lau-Nielsen » Ida Arentoft » Benjamin Nørskov & Sille Veilmark » Af Maria Bergmann Drougge » Iñaki Bonillas » Elina Brotherus » Ole Christiansen » Krass Clement » Tacita Dean » Nanna Debois-Buhl » Jeannette Ehlers » Olafur Eliasson » Katrín Elvarsdóttir » Filippo Menichetti & Martin Errichiello » Ebony Finck » Mikkel Hørlyck » Carsten Höller » Linda Hansen » Ulrik Heltoft » Kiên Hoàng Lê » Nicolai Howalt » Adam Jeppesen » Ingi Joensen » Hannes Jung » Sanna Kannisto » Clay Ketter » Heba Khamis » Ella Kiviniemi » Eva Koch » Takehito Koganezawa » Katrine Marie Kragh » Astrid Kruse Jensen » Evgeny Makarov » Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann » Nanna Navntoft » Olafur Steinar Gestsson & Jens Welding Øllgaard » Riina Rinne » Jana Romanova » Anders Rye Skjoldjensen » Trine Søndergaard » Tomas Saraceno » Matt Saunders » Josee Schryer » Helen Sear  » Jacob Aue Sobol » Ebbe Stub Wittrup » Superflex (Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen) » Danh Vō » Signe Vad » Sanne Vils Axelsen » Christian Vium » Mario Wezel »

Festival: – 11 Jun 2017

Thu 1 Jun

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Villa Kultur, Krausesvej 3
2100 Copenhagen



Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Hannes Jung: How is life

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
June 1st - 11th 2017

For the eighth successive year, Copenhagen Photo Festival pays tribute to the photography in its many aspects when the festival takes over areas of the city both known and unknown, with a full programme of exhibitions all focusing on the medium of photography.

Copenhagen Photo Festival is the biggest photo event in Scandinavia aiming at strengthening our ability to take a stand on the photography as a way of expression by presenting some of the latest and most thought-provoking works within art and documentary photography all over the city and combining exhibitions with debates, workshops, artist talks and much more.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti: In Fourth Person

Photo City focuses on young, international photography
The centre of this year’s festival will be both an indoor and outdoor exhibition experience focusing on young, contemporary photography. Gasværksgrunden and Understationen have not been used for exhibitions before, nevertheless these two areas in Østerbro will be the centre of this year’s festival. The festival centre is called Photo City, and through the years, Photo City has been located on several unusual areas in Copenhagen. “We wish to give the audience a different exhibition experience combining exciting visual content and a surprising context. This year Copenhagen Photo Festival is pleased about creating an even bigger exhibition located around the beautiful and old transformer station “Understationen” “ Managing Director of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, says.

Photographers in Photo City
This year 11 exhibitions will be introduced and the audience will be able to experience works both inside Understationen in bare surroundings, but also outside in containers, on photo walls and hidden in the scrubs of blackberries.

Inside Understationen:
Christian Vium | The Censored Exhibition | Ida Arentoft & Simon McAuley (GB) | Ingi Joensen (FO) | Jana Romanova (RUS) | Kiên Hoàng Lê (VN/DE) | Mario Wezel (DE)

Outside at Gasværksgrunden:
Filippo Menichetti (IT) & Martin Errichiello (IT) | Hannes Jung (DE) | Sanne Vils Axelsen & Josee Schryer (CA)

Photojournalist Education 25th anniversary exhibition: Ella Kiviniemi (FIN) | Evgeny Makarov (RUS/D) | Heba Khamis (ET) | Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann | Mikkel Hørlyck | Nanna Navntoft | Benjamin Nørskov & Sille Veilmark | Anders Rye Skjoldjensen & Katrine Marie Kragh | Olafur Steinar Gestsson & Jens Welding Øllgaard | Riina Rinne (FIN) | Anne Bæk & Morten Lau-Nielsen

The 11 exhibitions give an insight into what young photographers across countries are interested in – from art photography to landscape pictures and portraits to documentary and photojournalism and hybrid forms containing video and interactivity as a part of the experience. The themes of the exhibitions give an impression of our time – from USA road trips to anthropological studies in the Amazon – personal stories from Vietnam and The Faroe Islands as well as political photographs.

Besides exhibitions, the area of Photo City also includes Photo Stage where the audience will be able to participate in conducted tours, workshops, artist talks and discussions. One of the highlights of the programme is a one-day conference with international and Danish researchers, experts and photographers taking place at The Royal Library – The National Museum of Photography. A new initiative this year is portfolio reviews for Danish photographers. As something special in collaboration with Østre Gasværk Teater, the festival will be using the main stage of the theatre for film screenings, talks, photobook-day etc.

The programme is out now
This year’s programme paying tribute to the photography in its many aspects by presenting some of the latest and most thought-provoking works within art and documentary photography. The programme gives everyone a chance to gain an extensive knowledge about the photographic medium by looking, listening, learning and being an active participant. Last year the festival launched a new format of the programme in a pocket-size consisting of both the full exhibition programme as well as all the events during the festival. This year the festival has chosen to use the pocket-size once again.

Read the full programme of the festival here: copenhagenphotofestival.com/en/copenhagen-photo-festival-programme/

Exhibitions in the entire city:
Together with the exhibitions and events of Photo City, quite a few partners within photo exhibitions and events invite the audience to experience photography in various ways in galleries, photo educations, art galleries and art centres. Here is a selection of the participating partners:

Museums and galleries:
Artoteket | Banja Rathnov Galleri & Kunsthandel | Davids Samling | Fotografisk Center | Fotogalleriet Format | Rummet | DAC | Galleri Image | BORCHS Butik | Danmarks Fotomuseum | Det Kongelige Bibliotek – Det Nationale Fotomuseum | Hans Alf Gallery | Martin Asbæk Gallery | Galleri Breadfield | DIAS Kunsthal og mange flere

The Independent Exhibitiors:
Kirkegaards Antikvariat | Det Grønlandske Hus | Den Italienske Ambassade | Sjællandsgade Bad | The Toilet | Byens Hegn | Fatamorgana | Harbo Bar | Nomad Workspace | Verdenshjørnet
and much more.

For a complete list of exhibition sites | please look at the homepage: www.copenhagenphotofestival.com

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017 is launched on Thursday June 1st with an official opening in Photo City including a speech my Danish photographer Jan Grarup.

Read more about the festival at the homepage, which will be updated continuingly: www.copenhagenphotofestival.com

For press enquiries and press photos please contact Head of Press Anne Riber by e-mail: pr@copenhagenphotofestival.com or by mobile phone: +45 40 89 42 24.

About Copenhagen Photo Festival:
Copenhagen Photo Festival is an annual event, which takes place in June. The festival co-operates with galleries, museums and cultural institutions around Copenhagen and Southern Sweden and has exhibitions in public spaces including all Metro trains and at the Metro Fence. The festival centre is called Photo City providing the setting for 13 exhibitions, and Photo Stage is the stage for artist talks, workshops and debates. The exhibition committee of the festival consists of curator, Jens Erdman Rasmussen, post.doc. at The University of Southern Denmark, Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz, and head of the department of the education of photo journalism at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, Søren Pagter, and Managing Director of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. Copenhagen Photo Festival had 47,602 visitors in 2016 and 55 exhibitions in collaboration with 50 different exhibition sites, including Photographic Centre and The National Museum of Photography. Every year 3-400 Danish and foreign photographers contribute to the festival programme.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Mario Wezel: Aquatic ballerina in a gated community, Laguna Woods, California.
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Jana Romanova: The Goddess Guide
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Ingi Joensen: Kerinum
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Christian Vium: Fra serien Revelations (work in progress)
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Evgeny Makarov: Narko Stop
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Ebony Finck: Untitled, 2015
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
Kiên Hoàng Lê (VN/GER) Bà Nôi Thiêu Thi Sâm
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
The Wild Within | Mathias Svold Maagaard & Ulrik Hasemann (DK)
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017
The Wild Within | Mathias Svold Maagaard & Ulrik Hasemann (DK)