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Documenting Dream
Desmond Welstead par Hassan Hajjaj. #OO GALLERY / HUAWEI

Hassan Hajjaj »

Documenting Dream

Huawei presents the #OO Gallery

Exhibition: 10 Nov – 13 Nov 2016

Paris Photo

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris



Hassan Hajjaj and the « Documenting Dream » Project

Hassan Hajjaj is a Moroccan-born and London-based artist known for his stylized photography that has earned him the nickname “the Andy Warhol of Marrakech”.

Vivid, Andy Warhol-esque photography, film and installation is the trademark of artist Hassan Hajjaj. Whether appropriating from hip-hop, North African heritage or Coca-cola crates, Hajjaj’s visual fingerprint is a comment on high and low branding and the effects of global capitalism which often manifests in energetic portraiture.

End of February 2016, Huawei, 3rd worldwide smartphones manufacturer, announced a long-term technology partnership with Leica, iconic brand for photography, affirming its ambition to reinvent smartphone photography. This alliance took shape in spring with the launch of Huawei P9, the smartphone with a dual lens camera.