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2016 International UrbanPhotoFest (UPF)

2016 International UrbanPhotoFest (UPF)

Photography, Memory and Archive

Tiong Ang » Tanya Houghton » Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen » Rut Blees Luxemburg » Hrair Sarkissian »

Festival: – 8 Nov 2016

2016 International UrbanPhotoFest (UPF)
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Kids with Collected Junk Near Byker Bridge (Byker) 1971, printed 2012. © Sirkka-Lisa Konttinen
Tate Modern / 3 November 6:30 / artist’s keynote of UrbanPhotoFest 2016

UPF has evolved through a number of conversations, research initiatives and exhibitions involving a wide range of partners and contributors from the areas of visual arts, photography and film, education, urban research and the social sciences. Originally, the festival started out as a series of annual Urban Encounters symposia held at Tate Britain and has broadened out to include seminars, workshops, masterclasses, walks, exhibitions and portfolio reviews.

Thursday 3 – Tuesday 8 November | www.urbanphotofest.org/