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Memories through Cycle
Yuan Goang-ming
Landscape of Energy-Stillness
Digitally-altered inkjet print

Memories through Cycle

YUAN Goang-Ming » RongRong & inri »

Exhibition: 23 Jul – 19 Sep 2016

Art Tower Mito (ATM) Contemporary Art Center

1-6-8 Goken-cho, Ibaraki-ken
310-0063 Mito

+81 (0)29-227-8111


Tue-Sun 9:30-18

Memories through Cycle
RongRong & inri
Tsumari Story No.7-1 2012
Gelatin Silver Print

Memories through Cycle
―Images by RongRong & inri and Yuan Goang-ming
July 23, 2016, to September 19, 2016

It seems that, due to the progress of East Asia, such uniquely new photography and moving images that we have never seen before are increasing in this region. In this exhibition, we introduce two units of artists who reinterpret ordinary life and traditions through new media and depict nature, family and communion between people by beautifully poetic photographs and videos.

RongRong & inri (born in 1968 in China and born in 1973 in Japan / photography) have been highly reputed as artists for their photo works showcasing social reality in China and people’s lives there as well as works in which relationships between people and beautiful nature are expressed through their own bodies as media. They visited Echigo Tsumari many times, where cultural characteristics peculiar to the rural area still remain unchanged, stayed there and took pictures of the satoyama landscape in the four seasons for their work Tsumari Story. This series of works made in Echigo Tsumari is symbolic of “cycle of life” which RongRong & inri regard as their theme for creation.

Yuan Goang-ming (born in 1965 in Taiwan / video art), the pioneer of video art in Taiwan, has explored new possibilities of media and video expression by shooting with special equipment such as cable cam and devices that he developed for himself and exhibiting them. His works based on the themes of himself, his home and everyday life of his family appeal not only to the viewer’s visual experience but also to their physical and psychological feelings. His recent works reflect his interest in the formation of society and each member of the society.

In this exhibition, the galleries are divided into two to construct two solo exhibitions respectively for RongRong & inri and Yuan Goang-ming. Under the title of Memories through Cycle, the two solo exhibitions resonate with each other while showcased in parallel.