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Cuban Trilogy
Ernesto Bazan: "Bazan Cuba"

Ernesto Bazan »

Cuban Trilogy


BazanPhotos Publishing

361 Pacific Street
NY 11217 Brooklyn


Cuban Trilogy
Ernesto Bazan: "Al Campo"

Ernesto Bazan: "Bazan Cuba"
Unpaged, 118 duotone illustrations., 11.75″ x 11″
Afterword by Vicki Goldberg
Bazan Photos Publishing, 2008
$ 150

"The book combines a reportage approach in which I try, by photographing strangers met for a few seconds on the streets of the island, to grasp the essence of everyday life, and a more intimate and personal one with photographs depicting various moments of life of my family and my dear farmer friends with whom I shared unforgettable long periods in the Cuban countryside and that often reminded me of my land."

Ernesto Bazan: "Al Campo"
200 pages, 88 color illustrations, 15.5″ x 10.75″
Afterword by Colin Westerbeck
BazanPhotos Publishing, 2011
$ 80

An intimate look of the photographer’s farmer friends in Cuba, showing their hard and beautiful life in the amazing Cuban countryside reminiscent of his Sicilian land. The book is considered a watershed in his work because by using color the author started paying attention to the poetry of life present in still life of broken chairs and flowers strewn on the ground, landscapes. The book is the second part of Bazan’s Cuban trilogy.

Cuban Trilogy
Ernesto Bazan: "Isla"

Ernesto Bazan: "Isla"
280 pages, tritone illustrations, 16.75″ x 10″
BazanPhotos Publishing, 2014
$ 90

"The book contains hundred and eighteen photographs divided into six chapters; excerpts from my diary, contact sheets, reflections and quotes from authors that summarize my philosophy on life and work. It represents the last part of an unexpected photographic personal journey. It is the ultimate expression of love affair and a final goodbye to the island that I loved so much and that completely changed my life. It completes this unimaginable trilogy started in 2008 when Ernesto Bazan with the help of fifty of his students launched BazanPhotos Publishing and self-published Bazan Cuba an intimate look from within of the island of Cuba where he ended up living for fourteen years. These photographs are probably the most gentle, meditative, and metaphysical that the photographer has ever taken."