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Real Reality

A group exhibition of four Korean photographers

Bae Bien-U » Lee Joongkeun » Yoonjean Lee » Gwon Osang »

Exhibition: 17 Feb – 7 Mar 2004

Kukje Gallery

48-10 / 54 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu
110-200 Seoul



Tue-Sat 10-18 . Sun 10-17

The generally accepted idea of photography simply as the means of media, the camera being just a tool of the photographer and the association of photographs with illustration may have delayed the recognition of photography as a work of art. The exhibition “Real Reality” at Kukje Gallery presents works by four artists, Bae Bien-U, Lee Yoonjean, Lee Joong-keun, and Gwon O-sang, who deal and play with their own “reality,” providing us with an opportunity to view the different ways that photography allows us to experience and interpret “reality.” Is what we see with our eyes the definition of reality, or is our vision of reality molded and shaped by outside entities as well as our own inner prejudices? The exhibition will cautiously encourage us to reconsider whether we can conclude that a photograph, which captures an instant of time from the past, demonstrates real “reality.” The emergence of hybrid era has caused a blur of boundaries between media and genres in art, and is consequently redefining the typically accepted roles of each medium and genre. Although the areas of interests and methods of studies and expressions are all different among the four artists shown in this exhibition, their unique individualities can come together through the means of art. The four artists share a common aim to demolish the boundaries between photography and art.