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Thomas Florschuetz » Jürgen Klauke » Katharina Sieverding » & others

Exhibition: – 1 Aug 2003

Art Gallery University

Khon Kaen

This exhibition (curator: Wulf Herzogenrath) shows photographic works by men and women artists who, for many years now, have seen photography as the central medium of their artistic search, and used it parallel to other forms of art like painting, graphic design and performance. Dieter Appelt, Anna and Bernhard Blume, Thomas Florschuetz, Jürgen Klauke, Astrid Klein, Sigmar Polke, Klaus Rinke, Katharina Sieverding – these nine names stand for eight different positions in German contemporary art. The exhibition includes eight groups of works – each representing a small retrospective. The different ways of dealing with the medium, photography, are demonstrated here in a very revealing manner. Changing formats, experiments with chemical processes, combinations and serialization of motives, references to amateur, journalistic and commercial photography are used to create novel picture compositions. This is made possible by photographic technology, the conceptual impetus of which casts doubt on the daily floods of images by the mass media. A catalogue of the exhibition is available.