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Paris Photo 2015
Homme noir aux lunettes noires, Vers 1960
© Courtesy Lumière des Roses

Anonymous »

Paris Photo 2015

Fair: – 15 Nov 2015

Wed 11 Nov

Paris Photo

Grand Palais - Stand D9
75001 Paris

Galerie Lumière des Roses

12-14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
93100 Montreuil

+33 1-48700202


Mon-Fri 14-19

Paris Photo 2015
Zorro. Autoportrait. Vers 1940. Aristotype. 12 x 9 cm
© Courtesy Lumière des Roses

Gallery Lumière des Roses explores the vast and fertile field of the anonymous photography to extract images that the eye, indifferent to the name of the artist, recognizes for its intrinsic value, its freedom, its evocative power or any other reason that may remain unnamed.
The Gallery presents an exceptional series of self-portraits made by an amateur between 1940 and 1970. This set which tells the story of an raw obsession, subject of a book published by the gallery, Zorro ou le portrait d’un autre (Zorro or Likeness of Another) accompanied by a text by François Cheval, Curator of the Museum Nicephore Niepce.

Paris Photo 2015
Adrien Tournachon (1825-1903)
Le mime Charles Deburau posant pour la série « Têtes d’expression », France, 1854
Tirage sur papier salé – 29 x 21,7cm
© Courtesy Lumière des Roses