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Paris Photo 2015
© Xu Yong, Negative 31, 1989

Paris Photo 2015

Sean Hemmerle » Jory Hull » JIANG Jian » August Sander » Alfredo Srur » Xu Yong »

Fair: 12 Nov – 15 Nov 2015

Wed 11 Nov

Paris Photo

Grand Palais - Stand C02
75001 Paris

Galerie Julian Sander

Bonner Str. 82
50677 Köln

+49 (0)221-170 50 70


Wed-Fri 10-18, Sat 12-16 + b.a.

Paris Photo 2015
Alfredo Srur
Indígenas Maká, Barrio Emiliano R. Fernández, Ciudad del Este, 2008, printed 2015
C-Print, Ed. of 7, 25 x 25 cm
© Alfredo Srur, Courtesy Galerie Julian Sander

XU YONG’s project “Negatives”, a group of 64 photographic negatives taken during the Tiananmen Square Protests in Beijing in June 1989. These photos, which can be seen in their true colors through a smartphone camera, illustrate the peaceful, uplifting nature of the demonstrations against the Chinese government. Nevertheless, the book “Negatives” has been censured in China and will now be published in Europe by Kettler Verlag.
A highlight will be a group of works by August Sander printed by his grandson Gunther in the 70’s. This will include two large format photographs printed for August Sander’s exhibition Men without Masks at Mannheimer Kunstverein in 1973, as well as a very rare print of Sander’s iconic "Jungbauern" produced in 1976. These works will be presented in a dialogue with a fine selection of modern prints from Sander’s acclaimed project People of the 20th Century.
ALFREDO SRUR: We are pleased to show for the first time in Europe the series "Ciudades des Este". In this group of 26 photographs Srur explores the complexities of the Triple Frontera, the tri-border area along the junction of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The artist captures mundane aspects of life from a unique perspective, prompting viewers to reconsider everyday scenes and offering insights into the lives of his subjects ­– from emotional state to socioeconomic status.
SEAN HEMMERLEs series “Media Nodes”, a visual study of the transforming practices and work environments of news media in the digital age. Approaching every newsroom as a node of production, the artist’s long-exposures invite us to explore the functionality of these spaces and to unveil the organization’s personality through an examination of traffic flow and spatial arrangements. His photographs offer us a view behind the curtains of American newsrooms while giving testimony of an industry in transition.
JORY HULL’s project “Flyover State”, a series of photographs taken by the artist from the window seat during various transcontinental flights across the U.S. The view from thirty-five thousand feet, a supreme privilege flight affords us, has prompted Hull to see the landscapes below not as spaces but as pure texture and color. The artist translated this experience into abstract landscapes –compositions– printed in an edition of one; aerial shots that function as sketches for impossible paintings.
Also on view at the 6th edition of the AQUA exhibition presented by Giogio Armani at PARIS PHOTO, Grand Palais.
“Archives on Orphans” by JIANG JIAN: In 2004, the Chinese photographer decided to record the growing up process of 12 orphans from the Henan province – his hometown – through regular visits every five years. Ever since the artist has carefully accompanied their uncommon lives, portraying in black and white and color photographs their – often hidden – personal stories.

Paris Photo 2015
Sean Hemmerle
MSNBC, Seacaucus, New Jersey, 2003
Digital Chromogenic Print, Ed. 1/5, 74.00 x 62.00 cm
© Sean Hemmerle, Courtesy Galerie Julian Sander
Paris Photo 2015
Jiang Jian
Sun Xiaohan, Yuzhou, 2014
Digital Pigment Print, Ed. of 10, 73 x 61 cm
© Jiang Jian, Courtesy Galerie Julian Sander