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Unseen Photo Fair 2015
The Painter's Skin 9903, 2015 © Henrik Isaksson Garnell/Grundemark NiIsson Gallery

Unseen Photo Fair 2015

Johan Österholm » Henrik Isaksson Garnell » Inka Lindergard & Niclas Holmström »

Fair: – 20 Sep 2015

Thu 17 Sep 12:00 - 20:00


Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery



Unseen Photo Fair 2015
Reluctant Gravities, 2013 © Johan Österholm/Grundemark Nilsson Gallery

Unseen Photo Fair 18 – 20 September 2015
Preview Thursday 17 September 12.00 – 20.00
(by invitation only)
Unseen Festival 18 – 27 September

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, established in Stockholm in 2007 and opened in Berlin in 2010, is a gallery showcasing classic as well as contemporary photography mostly by Swedish artists.

The gallery’s mission is to establish an effective platform for a selection of photographers, giving them the opportunity to present their work to an international audience. The regular participation in international art fairs is thus an important component to attaining this goal. Aside from participating in fairs, the gallery presents between five and six exhibitions a year, all documented in an annual catalogue.