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PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)
Luciana, 1994 © Mario Cravo Neto

PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)

Latin American Photography

Lola Alvarez Bravo » Manuel Carillo » Ana Casas Broda » Martín Chambi » Mario Cravo Neto » Paz Errázuriz » Luis González Palma » Gabriela González Reyes » Graciela Iturbide » Gerardo Montiel Klint » Alberto Diaz Korda (Guttierrez) » Carlos León » Pedro Meyer » Tina Modotti » Miguel Rio Branco » Manolo Yllera »

Exhibition: – 30 Aug 2015


Alameda 9
28014 Madrid


Alameda 9
28014 Madrid

+34 91-3601320


PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)
Leche II (3). Año 2010 © Ana Casas Broda


PHotoEspaña 2015 is dedicating its programme to the photography and visual arts of Latin America, with an overview that shows its wealth, effervescence and solidity at the hands of its institutions, art centres, artists, experts, curators, collections and heritage

Participating will be 395 artists, 52% of whom are Latin American, and among whom are Lola Álvarez Bravo, Tina Modotti, Mario Cravo Neto, Julio Zadik, Manuel Carrillo, Korda, Luis González Palma, Ana Casas Broda, Mariela Sancari, Paz Errázuriz, Graciela Iturbide, Pedro Meyer, Regina José Galindo, Martín Chambi and Miguel Río Branco

The Festival is presenting 101 showings curated by specialists such as María Wills, Alexis Fabry, the Hydra collective, Alona Pardo and Elias Redstone, James Oles, Alejandro Castellote, Oliva María Rubio, María Millán, Stuart A. Ashman, Julio César Abad Vidal, Lucía Chiriboga, Eliett Cabezas, Andrés Asturias and La Silueta

Huete, the town in the Cuenca region, joins Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Alcobendas, Cuenca, Getafe, Lanzarote, Móstoles and Zaragoza as premises for exhibitions. Besides this, PHE15 will also have invited sites in Cascais, Lisbon, Bogota, London, Panama, Paris and Sao Paulo

The Programme of Patrons of PHotoEspaña is born, inviting civil society and the business community to support photography

PHE Discoveries becomes a great professional encounter of a week with viewings of portfolios, workshops and seminars headed by over 50 international experts at PHotoEspaña International Center Alcobendas, PIC.A

The edition of photography books will be the axis of the PHotoBook Week, a programme of encounters and presentations with around twenty professionals from all over the world who will pay special attention to publishing on digital supports

PHEStudios: Image not available will bring art to the street with actions in unusual places and will open up art studios to the public

Photographic itineraries, photography workshops for children and young people, a charity auction and the Internet and Instagram competitions A Day in the Life of Madrid, Madrid Unsuspected and #Madrid, Latin America and I, complete the programme

The XVIII edition of PHotoEspaña extends its dates and will be held from the 3rd of June to the 30th of August

PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)
Boda en Coyoacán, 1983 © Pedro Meyer

HotoEspaña is now 18 years old, a period in which it has increased its map and calendar. From being an annual event in Madrid it has gone on to be a brand that impresses its seal through a vast range of activities which, having their origin in the Festival, have taken on an identity of their own. This is the case of Trasatlántica PHotoEspaña, the Alcobendas PHotoEspaña PIC.A International School, PHotoEspaña.br and OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona. PHotoEspaña has created a management model with an international vision that grows due to the sum of efforts, to a system of collective financing, to its sustainability and flexibility and to its great capacity for communication and openness to new publics. A model that allows the projects to mutually enrich each other, knowing that in the current context they cannot be unilateral but must involve participation and dialogue.

With this model as its support, PHE15 is presenting an exhibition and activities programme that deals with Latin American photography through its institutions and arts centres, its artists, specialists and curators, its collections and legacies, with the aim of showing a view of the photography of the continent from inside. With their support, added to that of the public administrations, businesses and brands that make the Festival possible each year, PHE is showing the energy that the photography medium of Latin America unfolds through classical authors, contemporary creators and collective views. A Festival built with a clear vocation for reciprocation and participation through the wealth, effervescence and solidity of Latin American photography.

If PHotoEspaña today is a group phenomenon it is thanks to the institutions, foundations, administrations, businesses, arts centres, galleries, artists and visitors and a major team in which people play a fundamental role. With the aim of inviting civil society and the business world to support one of the most important events on an international level, the programme of PHotoEspaña Patrons is born.

See You Over Here. Latin American Photography
PHotoEspaña 2015 presents classical authors with international recognition or who are deserving of such. The Círculo de Bellas Artes is receiving the work of Lola Álvarez Bravo, one of the most prolific Mexican photographers of the XX and a key figure in the post-revolutionary artistic renaissance in Mexico, thanks to the photographic collections of the Televisa Foundation. In its premises in Serrano 26 the Loewe Foundation is presenting the work of Tina Modotti, a photographer and intellectual with a thrilling biography and a small legacy of images, most of which were taken in Mexico over only six years. The CSIC--Royal Botanical Gardens is welcoming the work of the Guatemalan photographer Julio Zadik, a person to be discovered thanks to close collaboration with his Estate. The Cerralbo Museum is presenting one of the least known facets of Korda in the exhibition Female Portrait, produced by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is presenting a selection from the holdings of its collection around the figure of the “Mexican Maestro” Manuel Carrillo at the Lázaro Galdiano Museum. A more anthropological gaze on Latin American photography is been offered by In the Gaze of the Other. Historical Photography from Ecuador: Breaking into the Amazon, a photographic set that bears witness to western penetration into the Amazon presented by the Ecuadorian National Institute for Cultural Heritage.

The programme includes artists who have marked out Latin American photographic creation over the last 40 years. The CSIC--Royal Botanical Gardens is welcoming the first retrospective in Europe of the Brazilian Mario Cravo Neto, with urban photographs of New York and Salvador de Bahia, in Brazil, and his respective studio works. The Telefónica Foundation Space is organising Constellations of the Intangible, over 200 works by one of the most outstanding authors in contemporary Latin American photography: Luis González Palma. At the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Ana Casas Broda is presenting Kinderwunsch, an intimate and personal work from the Televisa Foundation Photography Collections, in which she introduces the spectator to the experience of motherhood.

CentroCentro Cibeles is offering two group gazes. Latin Fire. Other Photographs from a Continent 1958-2010. Anna Gamazo de Abello Collection is a selection from one of the most important Latin American holdings in Europe, showing, with over 180 works by about 60 artists, some little-known facets of Latin American photography. Revealing and Detonating. Photography in México, ca. 2015, organised with the Televisa Foundation, Conaculta / Centro de la Imagen and with the collaboration of the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations and AMEXCID, reviews the photographic production in today's Mexico through the gazes of 52 authors who open up a debate about contemporary photographic production.

The National Chalcography is exhibiting the collective Central American Network, a collective look at migration, five photographic projects about the phenomenon of migration to the United States. The Casa de América is welcoming Latin America is a Town to the South of the United States, an exhibition produced by The Folio Club and Hahnemühle with the support of AECID, which presents works reviewed in the different activities developed within the framework of Trasatlántica PHE in the form of a list of musical reproduction. The dialogue among visual languages on each side of the Atlantic is established in Resonancias, a common project between the Brazilian artist Ding Musa and the Spaniard Iñaki Domingo, which will be shown at the La Fragua. Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Multiplicity of Photographic Proposals
PHE15 opens its programme to works proposed beyond Latin American photography. The ICO Museum is presenting Building Worlds. Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age, an exhibition curated and organised by the Barbican Centre, which explores the symbiotic relationship between photography and architecture through 18 photographs such as Berenice Abbott, Walker Evans, Ed Ruscha, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Guy Tillim and Bernd and Hilla Becher, among others.

The Polish Institute of Culture is presenting, at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Heave Away, a photographic essay by Janek Zamoyski about the 21 days of crossing from Spain to Latin America that Columbus took on his second journey to the New World. The Museo Reina Sofía is participating in PHE15 with the group exhibition Not Yet. On the Reinvention of the Documentary and the Critique of Modernity, an approximation to the debates that took place in the 70s and 80s on the documentary genre. The National Library of Spain will receive the exhibition The Best Photography Books of the Year, produced by Sago.

Spanish Photograph, also a protagonist
As in every edition, PHE15 keeps its eye on Spanish creation. The Community of Madrid is organising two exhibitions by two major creators: Chema Madoz is presenting his most recent work in the Sala Alcalá 31, while Enrique Meneses is the protagonist of a major retrospective, the first one after his death, at the Canal de Isabel II.

Historical photography is the protagonist in two exhibitions. At the Espacio M125 at the Sala de Bóvedas de Conde Duque Mahou is exhibiting over 5,000 glass plates corresponding to the archive of the Almayso studio, revealing the passion for photography felt by Alfredo Mahou y Solana, head of the first Mahou brewery. The National Library is organising Gazes on Architecture: Monumental Photography in the Nineteenth Century, a review of its holdings that creates a narration of architectural photography in the nineteenth century, with works by Le Clercq, Clifford and Laurent and others from the Prado Museum and the Bibliothéque Nationale.
In turn, Matadero Madrid is offering the contemporary view of Florentino Díaz, whoreflects on the history of Europe over the last century, taking inspiration from the book by Walter Benjamin, The Book of Passages, as well as a showing of the works of the winners of the Descubrimientos PHE Award. Besides, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo- CA2M will host This has-not-yet-become, a selection of works from the CA2M Collection and the ARCO Foundation Collection.

Alcalá de Henares, Alcobendas, Cuenca, Getafe, Huete and Zaragoza, premises for PHE15
Cultural institutions, galleries and exhibition centres in these five cities join PHE15 with a programme that is diverse, plural and open to all tendencies and photographic styles.
Alcobendas is participating with six solo exhibitions and two group exhibitions. The Centro de Arte Alcobendas is presenting the work of the Spanish artists Jorge Fuembuena, José Guerrero and Miguel Ángel Tornero, as well as that of the Chilean artist Magdalena Correa and the Argentinean Mariela Sancari, who is presenting Moisés, a project with which she obtained the Descubrimientos Award at PHE14. The same centre is organising Transvisiones, a programme of artistic residences in art centres throughout the world that culminates with an encounter and an exhibition. The Anabel Segura Cultural Centre will be exhibiting the work of Antonio Olazábal and the collective Instante continuo, with the works of the students from the PHotoEspaña Masters. Artistic Theory and Practices at the PIC.A Alcobendas PHotoEspaña International School.

At the Centro de Historias building the Zaragoza City Council is exhibiting two exhibitions. Bonadies+Caula: Cartographies of a Shared Territory, a dialogue between two photographers from two different generations: the Argentinean artist Ángela Bonadies and the Venezuelan Tito Caula, works taken from the Venezuela Urban Photography Archive. Schapiro. Retrospective, reviews the 50 years of the professional career of a photographer who documented the society of the United States and its myths. At La Lonja there is Nicolás Muller. Master Works, a re-reading of the work of an author who is exceptional due to his value and artistic quality through 125 photographs taken in Hungary France, Portugal, Morocco and Spain. The Carolina Rojo Gallery is presenting the work of Iñaki Bergera. Also, the Zaragoza City Council is organising a new PHotoWalk PHE, a photography itinerary guided by the photographer José Guerrero.

The Cuenca City Council joins PHotoEspaña for the ninth consecutive year, and, at the Antonio Saura Foundation. Casa Zavala is exhibiting the work of the Cuban photographer Osvaldo Salas, who oscillated between the glamour of movie and sports stars and the documenting of the Cuban Revolution, and his work will share space alongside that of his son Roberto. The town of Huete in Cuenca will be a PHotoEspaña premises for the first time, with the support of the Cuenca Municipality, exhibiting the exhibition Catalá-Roca. Master Works will fill the Antonio Pérez Foundation Photography Museum with mythical images by a key author for the history of Spanish photography.

For seven years the Alcalá de Henares Town Council has been participating in PHotoEspaña. In this edition it is organising Alcalá. Gateway to America, an open air exhibition that will fill the terraces of the city's nerve centre, the Plaza de los Irlandeses, with a selection of photographs from the PHE15 Official Section.

The Getafe Town Council is back again as a premises for PHotoEspaña, receiving Get Your Portrait Taken!, a project that invites the citizens to be models for the photographers Jorge Fuembuena and Jonás Bel, and at the same time heading an exhibition that will occupy the Barrio de la Alhóndiga neighbourhood in Getafe.

Invited Premises: Madrid, Bogota, Cascais, Lisbon, London, Panama, Paris and São Paulo
For this great celebration of photography, PHE15 is inviting embassies, cultural institutions, schools, museums and foundations from eight cities. In Madrid, the Alliance Française is presenting the retrospective showing of its photography competition; the Casa de Velázquez shows the collective work of the photographers that this institution welcomes each year; EFTI is presenting the work of Pedro Armestre; the TAI School is organising L A T I N O, the view on the subject for this edition of PHE held by the TAI FOTO collective; Fnac Callao is exhibiting the work of Aitor Lara, PHE OjodePez Human Values Award; the ONCE Foundation. Cambio de Sentido Cultural Space is presenting the work of Chimo Serrano; the Galerie du 10 of the Institut Français de Madrid is showing Françoise Núñez; the Goethe-Institut Madrid is organising the group exhibition Iconic. The Image as a Reference. Visual Art of Germany and Latin America; the Hotel Iberostar las Letras Gran Vía is presenting Bernard Plossu; the Institute of Mexico in Spain shows the group exhibition Portable Light; the Italian Institute of Culture shows Valerio Bispuri; and the Spanish Royal Photography Society is paying homage to Paco Gómez.

Cultural cooperation with international institutions have made it possible to hold the exhibitions presented by the Republic of Bogotá Museum of Art, with the work of the Argentinean artist Graciela Sacco; the Cascais Dom Luís I Foundation within the framework of Mostra Espanha, with an anthology of the work of Nicolás Muller; the Lisbon Pombal Palace, with a group exhibition from the Carpe Diem Collection; London will show the work of Pablo Guidali, within the framework of the Spain Now! programme; the Panama Museum of Contemporary Art, with the new project by Matías Costa, Zonians; the Cervantes Institute of Paris, with the work of Rafael Trobat; and the SESC Vila Mariana with a selection of photobooks within the programme of PHotoEspaña.br.

39 Art Galleries form the Festival Off
The Festival Off is made up of a selection of exhibitions organised by the Madrid art galleries. 39 proposals of photography and video form a section that aims at promoting and developing the photography market. All the galleries compete for the Festival Off Award, decided upon by an independent jury that rewards the gallery which presents the best exhibition proposal.

Descubrimientos PHE Week
Decubrimientos (Discoveries) PHE celebrates its coming of age with an extensive programme of activities based at the PIC.A School between the 1st and 6th of June. Besides increasing the number of the viewers of the portfolios, both in the number of international experts and in the number of participating photographers, the PHE Discoveries Week offers the Campus PHE workshops and professional seminars. Among the over fifty participating specialists are Cristina de Middel, Iatã Cannabrava, Claudi Carreras, Mary Virginia Swanson, Anne Lacoste, Louise Clements, Gordon MacDonald and Lorenza Bravetta. Moreover, some of the participants in the portfolio review organized by Fundacion Ankaria in collaboration with PHotoEspaña in Tangier will take part in Descubrimientos PHE Week granted by Ankaria Foundation.

PHotoBook Week
The publishing of photography books, both on the more classical support, paper, and digitally, is the protagonist of the first PHotoBook Week. An encounter which, from the 8th to the 14th of June, will see La Fábrica bring together photographers and experts in order to participate in presentations, book signings, encounters and a book fair with a hundred self-edited and self-published books. Among the participants are Paul Wombell, Simon Bainbridge, Gonzalo Golpe, Matías Costa, Roberto M. Tondopó and Mariela Sancari. The programme includes the awarding of prizes for the best PHotoEspaña photography book as well as the Do It Yourself! Cultura in a time of crisis encounter, held by the French magazine The Eyes.

PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)
1, 2014 © Carlos León. Cortesía del autor.
PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)
Möbius, 2014. © Luis González Palma. Cortesía del artista
PHotoEspaña 2015 (PHE15)
Sin título (mujer y cabestro). © Manuel Carrillo. Cortesía Colección Bank of America Merrill Lynch