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Paris Photo 2014
Du Zhenjun
Colosseum, 2014
C-Print contrecollée sur dibon
courtesy Galerie RX, Paris

Paris Photo 2014

Bae Bien-U » Denis Darzacq » Anna Malagrida » Georges Rousse » DU Zhenjun »

Exhibition: – 16 Nov 2014

Gran Palais


Galerie RX

16 rue des Quatre Fils
75003 Paris

+33(0)1-71 19 47 58


Tue-Fri 10-13 +14-18; Sat 11-19 +

Paris Photo 2014
Georges Rousse
Fontevraud, 1985
Tirage lambda
125 x 160 cm
copyright ADAGP, Paris. courtesy Galerie RX, Paris

RX Gallery presents an installation of eight photographs by artist Denis Darzacq will be exhibited on the main wall. This series entitled “Redial” is staged in a neutral space with models dressed with objects and disparate elements from supermarkets. As living sculptures, these assemblies present bodies that are both adorned and armored. Bae Bien-U returns this year with a monumental work 3 meters high from the iconic series “Sonamu” consecrated on the sacred pines of South Korean. The gallery also revisits the 80s with a selection of three photographs by Georges Rousse. Also presented is the “Display “ series by Anna Malagrida and the new series, “Coloseum “ by Du Zhenjun.