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© Véronique Kolber


Photomeetings Luxembourg 2014

Veronique Kolber » Andrès Lejona » Michel Medinger »

Exhibition: – 5 Oct 2014

Thu 11 Sep 18:00 - 20:00

Cercle Cité - Ratskeller

Rue Du Curé
1368 Luxembourg
Mon-Sun 11-19

Photomeetings Luxembourg

1341 Luxembourg



© Michel Medinger

Group Show with Véronique Kolber, Andrés Lejona, Michel Medinger and John G. Morris

Exhibition: 11 September – 5 October, 2014
Opening: 11 September, 6-8pm

This exhibition shows the work of four photographers from different generations evoking themes of the past: site huts and gas pumps by Michel Medinger, nostalgic superpositions by Véronique Kolber, humorous photographs by Andrés Lejona and touching images by John G. Morris.

While nostalgia is often defined as a kind of cultural malady, it can also have a positive effect when it empowers a new generation to self-awareness and realisation.

Photography is about time - not just the present moment when a photograph is made - but also about the past. These photographs explore the ways in which a photograph can take us back in time, through subject, outlook, process and other means.

© Andrés Lejona